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Date:Nov-23 ,2020
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Referral Commissions
Hello Everyone,
We are currently experiences a bug where some peoples Referral Commissions arent showing. We are working on that issue as speak. If you are having a issue please send a email to with Subject: Missing Referral Commission. Once issue is fixed your commissions will show up in your backoffice. Thanks for your patience and Welcome Aboard!!!!
Dec-1-2012 02:35:55 PM
Profit Clicking - Daily Update For December 1st, 2012
Folks, It.s finally here!!

PC.s New Withdrawal System has launched!

What does this mean to you? Now current
withdrawals will be processed within about 48
hours and members will enjoy two methods by
which they can make withdrawals.

One method is referred to as a .Queue. the
other is a .Bucket. system. Full details of
how our new withdrawal system works can be
located in our FAQ section which can also be
accessed through .Withdrawal News. in your

Folks, we are back on track just in time for
the holidays! There is no better time for
members to maximize their earnings! With 2
ways to withdraw AND ... a .Profit Explosion.
of 3% Daily earnings until maturity on Ad
Packs purchased by December 25th - the
holidays have never looked brighter. Log
into your Dashboard and fund your account
TODAY! Look for your first earnings within
24 hours!

What.s more - your earnings are now so easy
to see! .TOTAL Earnings Window. next to the
MONEY MONITOR tells the story. Every time
you do - you will be seeing your TOTAL
earnings over the last 24 hours! Logging
into your account can now be now both fun and

We wish to thank all of our members for being
so patient and supportive during this phase
of our ProfitShift. We understand that not
only have our staff experienced major shifts
since our migration but our members have as
well. Rest assured - there is nothing more
important to us than member satisfaction.

With our new withdrawal system and the many
changes that have happened and are now still
in the works, we know your satisfaction will
increase substantially over the coming weeks
and months.

In addition to all of our news, be sure to
take advantage of our handy . Potential
Earnings Calculator.. This simple calculator
can help you understand easily just how huge
your potential earnings can be. You will
find the Potential Earnings Calculator on
your dashboard. Simply fill in some numbers
and watch your potential earnings being

Remember there are less than 25 days until
Christmas to take advantage of our 3% .Profit
Explosion. so start putting your funds where
they will bring you the most rewards.

Working for our wealth and success always,

Profit Clicking Team

P.S. We challenge you to find any program
that's easier to make money with than Profit

P.P.S. Profit Clicking is likely to become
Dec-1-2012 02:35:12 PM
Platinum Vertex Team 2 Weeks Online Event Update & New Promotional Items
Hi to all Platinum Vertex members!

The 2 Weeks Online Event which lasted for 48 hours have finally concluded. We are very happy to announce that over $200 FREE CASH PRIZES have been give to our members.

The said bonus can either be deposited or cash out from your EVENTS BONUS plan. You simply choose the withdraw principal option on the said plan.

Although it has already ended, please do expect a repeat of the said event SOON! We hope to send our more cash prizes most especially that the SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS IS COMING!

Lastly, do take note that new promotional items are now available on our Banners Page. We hope that you will be able to use them in promoting the good news about Platinum Vertex.

Advance Happy Holidays to Everyone!

Platinum Vertex Team
Nov-30-2012 12:47:04 AM
[Felmina Alliance] Official Newsletter
Dear ihyips,

Security Code: ......

This is an official newsletter from Felmina Alliance Inc.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012, is the Independence Day in Panama.

We observe the official holidays in the US and Panama. According to our terms of service, we do not pay interest on weekend days and official holidays. Therefore, no interest will be paid on this day.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions and need help with anything. Your thoughts on how to improve our website and the services we offer are more than welcome.

Best Regards,
Marketing Department,
Felmina Alliance Inc.
Nov-28-2012 01:43:54 PM
Platinum Vertex
Hello All Platinum Vertex Members!

We are very happy that we have received some very good updates from our personnal IT Team. They are currently working on new promotional items which will be made available within this week. Do look forward to see new changes in the banners section soon!

On another side of the story, we are very happy to inform everyone that more than $100 has already been given as PRIZES to our very first 2 WEEKS ONLINE!

Everyone is invited to join so do hurry! End of the said event is only until November 30 0800 Hours GMT+8 time.

Check out the news section for event mechanics.

Thank you and more power!
Platinum Vertex Team
Nov-28-2012 12:51:23 PM
Platinum Vertex 2 Weeks Online Event
Good day to Platinum Vertex Members!

As you all know, Platinum Vertex is official 14 days or 2 weeks online today. Due to the huge success that the program has experienced, it is just but right to return the favor to you guys for all the support you have given to us. To celebrate the achievements that the program has attained, a special event is created to all of you guys!

In the next 48 hours, we will be returning the favor to you by giving out FREE CASH PRIZES! All Platinum Vertex members are invited and entitled to win!

Here are the mechanics:
1. This event is open to all the Platinum Vertex Members
2. Post your first testimonials about your positive experiences or cash outs in the Platinum Vertex Testimonials section and win $0.50!
3. Post your first testimonials about your positive experiences or cash outs in the Platinum Vertex Official Facebook fan page and win $0.50!
4. Post your testimonials about your positive experiences or cash outs in the Platinum Vertex Official in the 3 main Forum pages of,, and and win $0.50!
5. Show proof of voting in either and and win $0.50!
6. Win as much as $2 in this event and use your cash to either active and deposit it in Platinum Vertex so as to earn more or simply cash it out!
7. To claim your prizes, send all the things you have done with your account username to
8. Event is valid until November 30, 2012 0800 hours GMT+8 time and emails received passed this hour is no longer valid.

So what are you waiting for! HURRY AND CLAIM YOUR CASH PRIZES NOW!

Platinum Vertex Team
Nov-28-2012 01:11:48 AM
Warning. Someone sent spam e-mail from adress . Please will careful.
This text SPAM E-MAIL.
Dear user,

We offer you the opportunity to invest in the new program created by Liberty Reserve in colaboration with ! You must must pay the fee of $0.5 in order to participate !

After only 1 business day you will receive a bonus between $150 and $400 into your account.

Reminder: All payments on Liberty Reserve are automatic.

Please proceed to the payment here.

Thank you.

Keep your account secure by following these simple rules:
We will never send you attached files.
We will never ask you to update your login information.
May-25-2012 10:49:42 AM
RCB info
IMPORTANT. Please note - we are paying refbacks only to the processor you have upgraded with, so request refback with correct account id. Thank you.
Jan-6-2012 01:21:15 PM has been online for 49 mounths has been online since 2007-08-06.
I tried improve my site often.
Please about suggestion.
Sep-6-2011 02:09:54 AM
Someone sent spam from my e-mail
Someone sent spam from my e-mail
Dear visitors my site.
Please understand me.

Someone sent Spam Mail from my email: , about
Text e-mail:
"FundsExpert New Site Looking Nice & Will Keep Paying For Long Time

All Plan Is Instant Withdraws

%115 After One Day - %145 After 3 Days - %205 After 6 Days
Jan-19-2011 09:02:04 AM
My site came back to hosting godaddy
My site came back to hosting godaddy
Jun-9-2010 02:11:35 AM
I had a big problems with new hosting.
Dear user. I have a big problems with new hosting ddos-shield. This hosting want, that pay them for hosting VPS. My site was almost 72 hours offline. I didn't get any e-mail from this hosting about problems. I must changed hosting for ccihosting.
Now my site work good.
Jun-1-2010 02:50:38 AM
I moved to a new hosting my site because I had problems with the site.
I moved to a new hosting my site because I had problems with the site.
Sorry for all the guests having trouble loading a page.
I added a few things to my site:
- Automatic Payment Admin Every Vote Payout
- SSL, DDoS, TG, DTM logos For Each HYIP program
- SCAM Report Form in every programs = $ 15
- Add listing after paid
- Improve the system buy banner
- Add toplargebanner
If you have any suggestions about the website please send them to the e-mails:
May-25-2010 01:55:53 PM
I got e-mail from admin DTM (DREAMTEAMMONEY.COM)
Hey, Dec 4 2009, 08:12 AM


Me, John Raven together with Vivien Ashley, Miss Celine and Kieth has decided to reward you with a "Lifetime Paid Supporter" badge worth $68 wink.gif

Why are we doing that and why did we choose you?
Because you have been really loyal and supportive towards the growth of DTM forum and we can see that and really appreciate that!

Thank you for being so helpful and positive in the forum. It is always good to see senior reputable DTM members like you posting on the forum =)

We hope you like the small gift from us. We really thank you for growing with the DTM forum! Without YOU, it is not possible for DTM to become one of the top forums out there wink.gif

Thank you once again! winecheers.gif
YOU are the BEST!

Warmest Regards,
John Raven
Jan-25-2010 01:28:45 PM
Everything refback is paid.
I found a litle free time, so i udpated my site and paid everything RCB. I also posted on forum about payments in programs.
Dec-26-2009 04:23:29 AM
Everything refback will pay within 48 hours
I am sorry for delay. To 27.12.2009 everything rcb will pay.
Now are Christmas, so i don't have time.
Dec-25-2009 01:26:06 AM
My site is fixed
Everything account is protected.
Sorry for problem
Nov-12-2009 11:45:58 AM
Hackers change number account Liberty reserve in my site.
Hackers change number account Liberty reserve in my site.
I try repair it.
I am sorry everything visitors my site.
Hackers change account on it U7930591 (Listing & Ads)
My Liberty Reserve account number: U7868294 (
Nov-11-2009 01:14:01 PM
7/2/2009 21:55 16845362 U6011374 – $267.00 $0.00 $0.00
7/2/2009 21:55 16845358 U3879515 (Maxhyips) – $6.00 $0.00 $267.00
Jul-2-2009 01:15:35 PM
We changed hosting yesterday
We change hosting yesterday.
My site worked slowly and sometimes was offline, but now site work very fast.
I am so sorry everyony vistiors my site.
Now site will ok.
Jun-16-2009 01:54:07 PM
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