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Christmas Greetings
I would like to express my best wishes and season's greetings to all of you.

Dec-23-2012 02:06:51 PM
[Felmina Alliance] Merry Christmas!
We at Felmina Alliance Inc. would like to wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas. We do hope that you are already enjoying the holiday season to the fullest!

The holiday season is the right moment to analyze the accomplishments of the past year and to make sure that we do not repeat the mistakes we have made as well. This has been a complicated year, but we have managed to get through all the hardships and the future looks bright for us. As always, we are working 24/7 to improve the level of service we are providing you with. We are about to announce several important developments we have been working on recently. So please make sure to stay tuned.

Please note that since we observe the official holidays in both United States and Panama, no interest will be paid on Monday, December 24, Tuesday, December 25, and Wednesday, December 26, 2012.

We do appreciate every client we have and are really thankful for your support.

We are looking forward to working with you next year.

Merry Christmas!
Marketing Department,
Felmina Alliance Inc.
Dec-22-2012 01:26:21 AM
Platinum Vertex Team! Site is Back!
Good day to all Platinum Vertex Members!

We are very happy to inform that after a very heavy DDOS attack from some jealous group, we have successful tackled the issue.

Please accept our apologize for the said downtime. We have done some upgrades on our protection in order not to have this experience ever again.

For the time being, we will be working on some cash out pending that was caused by the said downtime.

Allow us up to this weekend to be able to sort everything out and assess the extent of damage caused by the downtime.

More updates will be announced soon.

Platinum Vertex Team!
Dec-21-2012 05:14:56 AM
USD-EURO INC. website is online again
Dear all member USD-EURO INC. We\'re sorry, a few days ago we were having problems with the hosting. Now we are ready to get back to you.
Dec-18-2012 09:30:38 AM
Platinum Vertex Team Website Update
Good day to all the Platinum Vertex Members,

We are pleased to inform everyone that the \"Hall of Fame\" page is now updated. You can check out all the top deposits, top representatives and event winners in there.

David\'s team has already created a wonderful banner for us all to commemorate the \"BREAK EVEN POINT\" day for Platinum Vertex investors.

Lastly, we would like to remind everyone of the Christmas Event for this week. Do send out your best pictures together with your Christmas tree. The winner of this week will receive a very good cash price of $50!

Happy Holidays!

Platinum Vertex Team
Dec-18-2012 09:30:00 AM
Platinum Vertex A New Milestone
Good day to All Platinum Vertex Members!

First and foremost, we would like to say hello and wish all our wonderful members in Platinum Vertex a happy new business week! Let us hope and pray that this week will be as fruitful as always with any other past weeks we have had here.

I am in such an overwhelming joy right now because finally WE HAVE PROVEN to all that Platinum Vertex IS SUCH A SUCCESSFUL PROGRAM! All of our early bird investors from all the investment plans ARE NOW IN ABSOLUTE PROFIT!

In this such momentous time, I cannot help but look back at how we have started. We have to admit that at the start of the program, it did not turn out to be the 100% perfection scenario I have envisioned Platinum Vertex can be. Despite multiple test runs and trial and errors, the launching still had some minor issues. There was even a point wherein I had to wake up at 2 PM because I received a call regarding some members being unable to register, or having problems accessing the website, or some members not being able to deposit.

Little by little we addressed every issues MENTIONED by our members. We listened to each and every minor details and feedback from them and improved Platinum Vertex. Issues were resolved in a very fast and efficient manner. I AM SURE YOU KNOW WHAT I AM MEAN BY FAST AND EFFICIENT ISSUE RESOLUTION from Platinum Vertex because you guys have first-handedly experienced it.

The point of me mentioning all of these today is because I want to express my sincerest gratitude to everyone. The success of the program DID NOT come from us administration or support team but from YOU. YOU GUYS have made all of these things possible! So if you have some concerns, comments or suggestions of HOW WE CAN IMPROVE Platinum Vertex, we are here to listen and CREATE THE IMPOSSIBLE TO A REALITY!

Although we all cannot see each other in person, we would like for you to raise a glass for us all as we toast to a wonderful, successful and blessed Platinum Vertex!

CEO Platinum Vertex

PS. Christmas Events Week 3: Best Christmas Tree Event is officially open. Please send your entries to
Dec-17-2012 12:47:41 AM
Platinum Vertex Weekly Newsletter Update
Good day to All Platinum Vertex Members!

We would like to inform that all pending transactions for December 8 – 14 have already been processed. Should you any issues to your account, please do not hesitate to inform us right away!

On another note, we are very happy to announce that more than $350 have been given out as prizes for this week’s Christmas Event. We would like to thank everyone who have shared their time and effort to post out their testimonials and cash proofs online! Your cash bonuses can either be cashed out or better yet be reinvested.

Our IT Department headed by David and team have already made the new lay out for our Hall of Fame Page. Updating of the website will be done within the next coming days and details will be available soon. Examples of these are our top investors, top representatives, and event winners. Stay tune!

Lastly, next week is another week and this also means another event! I am sure that everyone is very much excited about this because I too am very excited about it. The third event for this month will be the “Best Christmas Tree Event.” The winner of the said event is the one who has a picture taken with his or her most beautiful Christmas Tree. The winner of the said event will receive a cash bonus of $50!

What are you waiting for? Start setting up your beautiful Christmas trees today!

Geother Tilos
Platinum Vertex
Dec-14-2012 02:49:35 PM
Profit Clicking - Daily Update For December 14th, 2012

One of our greatest joys is when we let our
members in on great NEWS! We have been busy
working behind the scenes to make your
experience with PC the best ever. A couple
of days ago we hinted that members would soon
be able to access the new "Build Your
Business" area.

Building your online business is NOW, ready
for you to experience. The exciting new pages
have been launched. This section has been
designed with the interest and the
profitability of our members foremost in our

This section has all the necessary tools
needed to launch your online business
conveniently in one location. A
"Step-by-Step" entrance through the doorway
of your achieving your success is ready and
waiting for you.

There are proven and pre tested success: ads,
banners and affiliate pages, pre-written blog
content and so much more ready for you to use
to explode your earnings by sharing with

Remember in PC you enjoy 10% earnings on your
first level referrals and 5% on your 2nd
level referrals. This is definitely the time
to share! The time to cash in on our current
"Profit Explosion" is very limited, it ends
Dec 25th.. Do you know anyone who could
benefit from 3% on each Ad Package purchased
with new funds till maturity? It is the
season to change your financial direction so
take advantage of this opportunity before
Dec. 25th when the 3% window closes.

Go ahead and use the Potential Earnings
Calculator to click out your potential
earnings. The numbers will not fail you.
Experiment and see just how good your
potential earnings might be at 3% daily.
Seriously, there is no better time folks, for
members to maximize their earnings. Our
Training Rooms are available for you to visit
for a quick refresher course on "how to, what
to, when to" solidify and maximize your

Now, with the New withdrawal system in place
you have two ways of withdrawing. One method
is referred to as a Queue and the other is a
Bucket system. Full details of how our new
withdrawal system works can be located in our
FAQ section which can also be accessed
through Withdrawal News in your back-office.
Keep an eye on the notation in your
withdrawal area stating "Currently under
Beta." Once this notation has been removed
our systems testing will have been finalized.

Again in the coming days and weeks you will
be privy to more exciting news in the ever
changing world here on PC's website. We look
forward to sharing even more in the coming
weeks as tremendous opportunities lie right
around the corner. We are here to make the PC
experience a profitable and fun one for all
of our members as 2012 and the 3% "Profit
Explosion" opportunity draw to a close.

Working for our wealth and success,

Profit Clicking Team

P.S. We challenge you to find any program
that's easier to make money with than Profit

P.P.S. Profit Clicking is likely to become
"the program everyone in the know joins." If
you join immediately, you can tell your
friends and contacts about it... before they
join under someone else.
Dec-14-2012 02:48:56 PM
Christmas gifts coming! Bensonunion
Dear investors! Benson Union informs about upcoming deposits giveaway. We changed giveaway policy and decided to gift deposits on Christmas, December 25. There will be over $25,000 prizes! We will also award 3 best representatives of 2012. Stay tuned!
Dec-13-2012 02:38:37 AM
Platinum Vertex Team Christmas Event 2: 1st Month Online
Good day to all Platinum Vertex Members!

I think each one of you already knows by now what program is the fastest growing in the industry as of today. We have proven that even during the December days, \"Black\" is just a color and everyone still has the right to be jolly and fun!

In our very first month online, please share with us the spirit of Christmas!

Platinum Vertex once again presents all its partners the latest Christmas event: 1st Month Online Event.

Up until Friday we will be returning the favor to you by giving out FREE CASH PRIZES! All Platinum Vertex members are invited and entitled to win!

Here are the mechanics:
1. This event is open to all the Platinum Vertex Members
2. Post your testimonials about your positive experiences or cash outs in the Platinum Vertex Testimonials section and win $0.50!
3. Post your testimonials about your positive experiences or cash outs in the Platinum Vertex Official Facebook fan page and win $0.50!
4. Post your testimonials about your positive experiences or cash outs in the Platinum Vertex Official in the 3 main Forum pages of,, and and win $0.50!
5. Show proof of voting in either, or and win $0.50!
6. Win as much as $2 in this event and use your cash to either activate or deposit it in Platinum Vertex so as to earn more or simply cash it out!
7. To claim your prizes, send all the things you have done with your account username to
8. Event is valid until December 14, 2012 2000 hours GMT+8 time (HK Time) and emails received passed this hour is no longer valid.

So what are you waiting for! HURRY AND CLAIM YOUR CASH PRIZES NOW!

Platinum Vertex Team
Dec-12-2012 12:00:40 PM
Platinum Vertex Team Event 1 Winner!
Good day to All Platinum Vertex Members!

It is a looooong weekend for everyone. Finally the moment you all have been waiting for has come. We are very happy to announce the very first $50 EVENT WINNER today.

After last night\'s voting for the \"Best Holiday Greeting,\" we are happy to announce that the winner for the said event is no other that the proud owner of this very wonderful and selfless message.

\"This Christmas season, I only have one wish and prayer. Lord God, I know that you are the most powerful of all and I do believe that everything you do has a purpose. All I want this Christmas is that you protect and safeguard us from the disasters and calamities. We have already seen much this year. I do know that everything has a purpose and that everything is of your plans and accord. I pray that you will bring back the smiles, joys and laughters even to the darkest corners of the homes of the victims of the typhoon that hit us. I pray that you will shower them with your grace and provide them all the necessities needed for them to return to their standard way of living. I pray that in ever family, hope is still there are that they will have the strength to stand up again after all this. Lastly, I pray that you touch the hearts and lives of those who have seen and heard of the news. That they will share what they have as extra and give it to those who are in deep need. Most of all, they not only here in our country but all over the world remain at peace and safe in this yuletide season. Let the spirit of Christmas touch each and everyone lives.\"

Congratulations to Ms Jucel Antiporta from Philippines. Everyone was touched by your kind words and prayers. We have seen the sad news about what happened to your country, and I do believe that good karma will come to you and your family.

With your kind message, everyone were very much touched and because of this we would like to inform everyone that the \"NO PAY OUT DAY WAS CANCELLED.\"

We have decided that since it is the most wonderful time of the year, generosity is to be expected.

We from Platinum Vertex hope that you will enjoy the wonderful Christmas present from us.

Cash outs are now being processed. Should you have any cash out requests still pending for more than 24 hours please inform us right away.

Lastly, we would like to formally announce that CHRISTMAS EVENT 2 is open!

Avail your free $2 today. Please check print ads for more details.


Platinum Vertex Team
Dec-11-2012 01:47:14 AM
Weekend Update-Platinum Vertex Team
Good day to all Platinum Members!

We are very glad to announce that all pending cash outs for the week have now been processed. Should you have any cash outs pending for more than 24 hours, inform us right away.

On another note, our very first Christmas Event \"Best Holiday Greeting\" is a great success! We would like to thank everyone who have participated on the said event.

The official result of the said event will be decided through voting during our Christmas party this coming Monday, December 10, 2012 and the winner will be given the said $50 then after! Also please be reminded that the said same date is a non-business day for us thus pay outs will resume by Tuesday, December 11, 2012.

Finally, next week is another Christmas Event so we encourage everyone to participate for the \"1st Month Online Testimonials Event.\" The said event will end by December 14, 2012 so make sure to avail your FREE $2. To claim your prize, see print ads for details.


Platinum Vertex Team
Dec-8-2012 05:47:42 AM
Platinum Vertex Team Christmas Event Banners Up!
Hello to all the Platinum Vertex members,

We are very happy to announce that the Christmas Banner Slideshows are finally up.

Feel free to check them out and take note of the dates for the different events. You can also check out the schedules at our Fun Calendar page.

Do not forget to post your different Christmas greetings on our shoutbox, testimonial page, or Facebook page.

The best Christmas Greeting WINS $50!!!

Let us hear your greetings now! Cut off time is this Friday 2359 GMT+8 time.

The winner will then be announced this Sunday via newsletter.


Platinum Vertex Team
Dec-6-2012 03:18:11 AM
We added New function
Auto add listing & Auto add banner. After done payments, every banner and listing will automatic added.
Dec-5-2012 02:11:20 PM
l Platinum Vertex Newsletter from the CEO # 2
Good day to all Platinum Vertex Members,

First of all, we would like to say thank you so much for the MASSIVE and IMMEASURABLE trust and support you have given to Platinum Vertex.

Since early this week, we have been receiving a lot of deposits from the Palladian and Rhodic plans. We absolutely know your concerns when you invested your money in these plans, most especially that the Christmas season is coming near. Just to picture things out for us all, Christmas is also the time of the year wherein we spend our cash buy precious gifts and stuff for ourselves, or our love ones. Instead, these people have entrusted a part of their savings to Platinum Vertex. You can be at ease because your money is safe with us here in Platinum Vertex.

We will make sure that you, as our partner, will benefit from the profits we also are making from the offline business. This is the most demanding time of the year for us all and a lot of our brothers and sisters are buying Platinum Vertex\'s products and goods. We are also starting to increase the production because our franchises are booming too! We are very glad about these great developments and we could not have done it without all you guys! Indeed, it is an absolute WIN-WIN scenario for us all.

This time around, it is our turn to return the favor to you guys! As promised,we will keep our word by staying true to our promise of providing you innovative and exciting developments every time.

Here are the things in store for you:
1. Depositors Hall of Fame Page - investors of the Palladian and Rhodic plans are our PREMIUM members and deserve the RIGHT TO BE RECOGNIZED. I have already assigned Platinum Vertex\'s personal IT Team to create a very special page for you all. Should you not want your name to be included in the list for whatever reason is, please inform us via email at
2. The Platinum Vertex products slideshow will be temporarily suspended this month because we will be replacing them with the Christmas Events!
3. All Event Mechanics can now be found on the different banners so watch out for them!

Lastly, I would like to announce the two days that Platinum Vertex will not be paying this December. This is to prevent any losses while maintaining the sustainability of our online company during the unproductive days of our offline company.
1. December 10 - Platinum Vertex will not be doing any business transactions during this day for the Company Christmas Party. Please be informed ahead also that there will not be processing of cash out requests since all departments, including the financial sector will be busy preparing for the company Christmas Party.

2. December 25 - Platinum Vertex will not be doing any business transactions this day in honor of the most celebrated season of the year, Christmas Day. All business transactions will resume on the 26th.

If you have some suggestions, questions or concerns please feel free to contact us via our Ticket Support and we will send you a response right away.

Happy Holidays!

CEO - Platinum Vertex
Dec-5-2012 01:59:32 AM
Dear investors! We apologize for delay of integration local phone numbers for telephone support service but we are happy to announce that its finally done! Since today Benson Union has local phone numbers in Hong Kong, United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Australia, Poland. Investors from these countries don't need to spend extra money for international calls anymore! Most of numbers are toll-free. Benson Union phone support has become even more accessible for everyone around the globe. We will keep improving our services and more updates. The next pre-christmas webinar coming soon as well. We will keep everyone informed about details in next newsletter. Stay tuned!
Dec-4-2012 04:04:56 PM
Christmas Events and Announcements
Good day to All Platinum Vertex Members,

The moment you all have been waiting for has finally arrived. We will now be announcing the different Christmas Events.

EVENT 1: (12.7.12)
Best Holiday Greeting Event
Prize: $50

EVENT 2: (12.14.12)
1st Month Online Event
Prize: $50

EVENT 3: (12.21.12)
Best Christmas Tree Event
Prize: $50

EVENT 4: (12.28.12)
Best Christmas Picture Event
Prize: $50

A. Best Holiday Greeting - one member who has the best Christmas greeting posted either on the Shoutbox Page, Testimonials Page, or Facebook Page will win the $50.
B. 1st Month Online Event - redo of 2 Weeks Online Event. All members may win up to $2. ($0.50 for posting in Testimonials Page, $0.50 posting in the 3 main forums TG, MMG, DTM, $0.50 voting for platinum vertex on HYIPNews & The HYIP Bulletin, $0.50 like & share PV Facebook and Follow Twitter)
C. Best Christmas Tree Event - one member who has the best picture of with his or her Christmas Tree will win $50
D. Best Christmas Picture Event - one member who has the best picture during Christmas season wins $50

Things to look forward to:
New Christmas look on the website
Fun Calendar on the website

In case you missed it, you can read the Interview with the CEO of Platinum Vertex by The HYIP Bulletin here:

Platinum Vertex Team
Dec-3-2012 03:22:13 AM
Profit Clicking - Daily Update For December 2nd, 2012
Daily Update For December 2nd, 2012

Member Update

An Important Follow up on our New PC
Withdrawal System!

The evening of Nov 30th saw the launch of our
new withdrawal system. The good news is that
it went off almost without a hitch. Given the
complexity of the system - this was indeed
very good news.

As is almost always the norm when dealing
with well over a million members, system
checks must always be done. Our IT department
leaves nothing to chance. It should probably
have been stated in yesterday's update - but
it is standard practice that when any new
system is launched, of any magnitude it is
always initially considered to be in "Public
Beta" mode.

In light of this we wish to clarify for our
members that there has been since the moment
our New Withdrawal System went live ongoing
testing happening to ensure accuracy. This
being said - please hold back on any concerns
you may have. We anticipate that early next
week our IT department will have concluded
all of the necessary follow-ups and checks.

On another subject - we wish to point out
that our New Withdrawal System reflects "New
Beginnings!" It does not reflect "finality"
in any regard. What this means is - whatever
withdrawal limits may exist at this moment,
they are merely the starting point and will
be changing and growing as PC itself changes
and grows.

Profit Clicking is fast becoming a far more
profitable venture than it was ever initially
conceived to be. Our attention to member
needs and satisfaction is at an all time
high. Our many new additional income streams
are just around the corner from being
available. Members will be pleasantly
surprised when they see the exciting options
available to them. We are building for
members a place in PC of virtually a
perpetual "Profit Explosion."

We recognize and appreciate just how patient
and understanding many of our members have
been. The time is almost at hand when that
patience starts paying off hugely. Our new
Withdrawal System is truly, simply a
BEGINNING place for what is to come. Any
limits that exist on withdrawals are in fact
as stated - "a beginning point."

"Those who succeed, are those who see what
others don't." Within our new withdrawal
system and within this temporary period where
3% daily earnings can be enjoyed lies great
opportunity. As is always true of opportunity
- the 3% window is only open for a while. Dec
25th 2012 marks the end of the 3% until
maturity earning potential.

We thank you again for your continued support
and interest. We will update you when the
Public Beta testing of the new system is
completed. Once that is done if you have
further questions or issues, do let our
Member Services know. We are here to help.

Thank you for your ongoing loyalty and
understanding, you will find that they will
be richly rewarded.

Working for our wealth and success always,

Profit Clicking Team

P.S. We challenge you to find any program
that's easier to make money with than Profit

P.P.S. Profit Clicking is likely to become
"the program everyone in the know joins."

If you join immediately, you can tell your
friends and contacts about it... before they
join under someone else

Here's To Your Success!
Profit Clicking Executive Team
Dec-2-2012 05:00:33 AM
Good day to all Platinum Vertex members,

It is that special time of the year once more! As we celebrate the most celebrated season of the year, Platinum Vertex bring you new surprises!

Watch Out for Platinum Vertex FUN CALENDAR! Exciting Games and Cash Prizes to be won this DECEMBER!

In a few days time, the first EVENT for the season will be announced.

Platinum Vertex Team
Dec-1-2012 03:42:21 PM
Weekend Update
Good Day All Platinum Vertex Members,

We would like to inform that all pending cash outs for this week have already been processed. Please feel free to contact us should you have some questions, concerns or suggestions for us.

We would like to share with you also very important updates for this week:
1. CEO of Platinum Vertex has been interviewed by the famous The HYIP Bulletin. We are inviting you to know more about Platinum Vertex by reading the said interview.
Here is the link:
2. Platinum Vertex has been reviewed by the famous Money News Online or MNO. We are inviting you to read the said review.
Here is the link:
3. It is finally December and Christmas is near. Watch out for more games and cash prizes to be won this month!

Happy Holidays to everyone and have a great weekend.
Platinum Vertex Team
Dec-1-2012 02:37:01 PM
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